Astronaut trainer in De Passage

Last Saturday the 6th of May the SPACE EXPO astronaut trainer was back in De Passage!

The Passage in 3D

Go stand on one of the planets stickers that can be found in The Passage, then use your smartphone to and enjoy the (un)terrestrial 3D experiences.

Looking through your smartphone you will see the Passage turn into a nightly “Fantasy planetarium” with Martians, space travelers and toy rockets.

Astronauts Trainer in De Passage

Saturday afternoon, March 18th, 2017 De Passage is starting with a unique experience. From Space Expo there will be a real astronaut trainer; MST astronauts coach (Multi-Axis Trainer Simulator, a device with which astronauts were trained in the early years of the space astronauts).

The best space museum in the Netherlands, Space Expo, has put a real astronaut trainer at the festival site where you can experience part of a real training yourself.

So come to De Passage this Saturday and feel like a real astronaut!

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Planet Passage

The canopy of the beautiful, monumental Passage in The Hague will be made future ready. To celebrate this, you can enjoy 3D experiences during these renovations. See De Passage change into a nightly “Fantasy planetarium” with Martians, space travelers and toy rockets: just like real!

The renovation will be carried out in the three different passages. Each course has its own alien visitors. To see all the special visitors, we suggest you to search them several times per passage.

Borrow a smartphone holder for your favorite De Passage shop and go on space travel in De Passage! Every few weeks there other discounts and offers take place. Planet Passage is to be experienced in 3D. Only during opening hours. In this period, there will appear several projections, associated with the three different alien themes. Experience all three different themes per passage!