La Ligna

If ever the world starts feeling a little grey, don’t hesitate: head straight to La Ligna in the Arcade. La Ligna will restore a sense of colour, cheer and originality to your life, making it ‘all yours’ once more. The special collections by this charming Dutch brand have risen to success within a very short time, and little wonder, as they are feminine, different, characteristic, wearable, original and affordable.

About this store

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What Fashion with an emphasis on quality of living.
From the past The classic premises in The Arcade.
From the present The AMAZING collection of clothing and accessories.

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La Ligna will give you not only a whole new wardrobe (because… why not?) but also renewed vigour and a ‘zest for life’. Fashion and accessories that bring out your natural beauty, that are clearly not run-of-the-mill, and that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

The collection

includes good-quality, affordable basics, interspersed with subtle details and fashion surprises. Smart matching is an important aspect of the La Ligna collection: it ensures that you won’t get bored of your clothes too quickly, making the affordable prices even better value…

Think differently

How about a necklace made from 100,000 brightly-coloured buttons? Or a smart black blazer with some subtle detailing, making it a highly original piece after all. They work together like a charm, but the necklace will also go well with that nice silk blouse, and the blazer with a colourful floral belt. Ideal, no?

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La Ligna

Passage 53

2511 AC Den Haag