Feeling a little tired and don’t know why? Then head straight for Calexis Shoes in the Arcade for some tough treads by Timberland, or some beauty queens by Supertrash: fashionable top brands (for men and women) will pick you right up, and ensure that tomorrow you’ll be walking through The Hague with a spring in your step. For men’s and women’s feet, Calexis has been an institution in South Holland for 24 years.


About this store

Shop: Calexis
What: International footwear brands for men and women.
From the past: A timeless sense of style and beauty.
From the present: The newest creations from top designers and brands.


A visit to

Calexis is a breath of fresh air not only for your feet, but for your sense of fashion too, as the full range of the world’s haute chassure is on beautiful display right here. Be inspired to take new fashion ‘steps’ through the collection, or get some advice from the extremely knowledgeable Calexis shoe experts – always a treat.

The collection

itself is like name-dropping of the highest order. Well all right, if we must: Ballin, Stuart Weitzman, Ugg, Moschino, Guess, DKNY, Unisa, Roberto Botticelli, Blackstone and D’Acquasparta, with men’s brands such as Boss, Magnanni, Cordwainer, Ugg, Blackstone, Armani, Pantofola D’oro, D’Acquasparta, Bikkemsbergs and Moschino. Anything else?

Bags and more!

Admit it: you really do need that new bag, since you just can’t find anything in your old one any more. Right? It really doesn’t matter which excuse you use: treating yourself to a beautiful new bag from a top brand in the Calexis collection is always a good idea.

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Passage 12

2511 AD Den Haag


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