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You’re looking for a beautiful artwork for above your bed in your new home, or something incredibly pretty to make you feel happy, or simply a unique gift for an extra-special friend. Look no further. Come to Carré d’artistes, the home of contemporary, affordable and original artwork, right here in the Arcade.


About this store

Shop: Carré d’artistes
What: Affordable, colourful art for everybody.
From the past: The splendid feeling of purchasing and owning art.
From the present: The collection and affordability (choose from 4 formats at 4 price levels). Besides the smaller formats which they are known for they now have an impressive selection of larger artworks up to 120 cm.


A visit to

Carré d’artistes is sure to stimulate your senses with its colourful, unpretentious and friendly ambiance. Feel free to step inside and browse the collection of original artworks by 9 international artists. Making art (more) accessible is the crux of this international chain of gallery stores, which also has branches in New York, Barcelona and Paris.

The collection

contains original and unique works by around 9 artists. Finding just the right painting, a work that’s one-of-a-kind, is sometimes a matter of luck, and sometimes one of careful searching… The staff at Carré d’artistes will ensure you find just what you’re looking for.

Delivery and exchange

Picture perfect convenience. With an in-shop framing service you can immediately see what your artwork looks like in its framed glory. Your purchase is ready to take home right away, attractively wrapped. And as an extra assurance: exchanging an artwork within 14 days is no problem. The world of Carré d’artistes has so much to offer. You are sure to find something to suit your personal taste.

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Carré d’artistes

Passage 16

2511 AD Den Haag

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