Hop & Stork

Hop & Stork. A new shop, a new concept! Hop & Stork personally roasts the beans for their coffee and hand-crafts their chocolate in the studio on site. Sipping a creamy cappuccino, you can watch how the delicious treats are made right before your very eyes.

About this store

Shop Hop & Stork
What Premium coffee and premium chocolate: house-roasted & hand-crafted.
From the past The two entrepreneurs behind Hop & Stork used to work together at a bank.
From the present These gentlemen are pursuing their dream: to indulge you with coffee and chocolate!

A visit

to Hop & Stork is truly a pampering experience and the ultimate time-out during the workday or a shopping trip. What’s more, it will probably prompt you to get on your bike and make a special trip to the historic Arcade! And Hop & Stork is the perfect spot to meet for a cosy chat with friends. The store stimulates your senses: smell, sight and – of course – taste.

The products

represent the finest traditional quality and Hop & Stork’s dedication to detail. ‘To delight our guests with chocolate and coffee,’ is the mission statement of the men in charge of the new shop. In Switzerland and England, the annual per capita chocolate consumption rate is 12 kilogrammes. In the Netherlands, that figure is 4 kilogrammes. Clearly, there are still quite a few kilos of joy to be had in the Netherlands.


‘Hop’ refers to hopje, a typical Dutch sweet associated with The Hague. ‘Stork’ refers to the bird that is the symbol of The Hague. The stork as a symbol of fruitfulness and happiness applies here, too. For chocolate and coffee addicts, these are certainly the ultimate ingredients for adding more joy to life: the pure nectar and flavours of Hop & Stork.

Hop & Stork Opening hours
12:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 18:00
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10:00 - 19:00
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11:00 - 17:30


Hop & Stork

Passage 82

2511 AE Den Haag


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