Simon Lévelt

For 200 years – or six generations – Simon Lévelt has been the very embodiment of coffee and tea. And we’re not talking about ‘a quick cuppa’, but about the REAL art of preparing REAL coffee and tea that has been selected, inspected, dried, mixed and freshly roasted by genuine experts. Everything in the store is presented in a tempting and attractive fashion, and packaged accordingly.

About this store

Shop Simon Lévelt
What Coffee and tea, where quality goes without saying.
From the past Dedication and quality.
From the present Tantalising new flavours and recipes with coffee and tea.

In one way,

a visit to Simon Lévelt is like going back in time: the smell alone will transport you! On the other hand, it is rooted fully in the here-and-now, as everything from the finest espresso beans, the newest ‘green jade’ pearl tea and the tastiest sugar-sticks are all freely available. After visiting Lévelt, any ordinary cup of coffee or tea suddenly becomes very ordinary indeed…

The collection

covers the rituals of both coffee and tea from beginning to end, with items such as such as coffee and tea services, sugar lumps, teapots and storage tins, espresso machines and coffee pads, measuring spoons, tea filters and coffee grinders. Looking for an original gift? Stock up here for your entire family and your circle of friends.

The aromas

at Simon Lévelt are like a warm welcome home after a long, long journey. You never realise what you missed until you step inside and smell it: then it all comes back. That delicious cup of espresso before work, and the soothing cup of tea in the late afternoon. Everywhere there is dedication to quality.

Simon Lévelt opening hours
12:00 - 18:30
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Simon Lévelt

Passage 24

2511 AD Den Haag


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