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Dungelmann’s deli is a cheerful looking place decorated with beautiful photos of oranges, espresso beans and other fresh wares that are prepared and sold at this takeaway. Does the name Dungelmann sound familiar? Exactly. And they have something new, listen to this.

About this store

ShopDungelmann’s deli
WhatTakeaway delicatessen.
From the pastHome-made meatballs and croquettes.
From the presentSeasonal soups and many, many more delicious items.

To find out

out whether someone in The Hague is truly a local, ask them about Dungelmann’s meatballs and croquettes. A bona fide local will be sure to let out a whoop of recognition. Better still, they will get an instant craving. Dungelmann is a household name in The Hague. First there was a butcher shop. Then the Brasserie. And now:

The deli

This is the third Dungelmann establishment. The deli – in the Passage. The takeaway for affordable deli fare to eat on the go or at home. The menu includes gourmet rolls (including spelt), hot grilled panini, Nespresso coffee, mouthwatering muffins, organic juices and smoothies. And soup.


That’s right. Already famous for its croquettes and meatballs (selling some 3,000 of these each week at the other two locations), Dungelmann now has plans to become a big name in delicious soup. Pumpkin, melon, pea: a tasty treat for every season, and easy on the wallet, too. You can have a cup for as little as € 2.50. Mmmm.

Dungelmann opening hours
12:00 – 18:00
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De Passage 62C

2511 AE Den Haag

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