Hamilton Tobacco & Gifts

An elegant boutique embodying the traditional ambience reminiscent of the Dutch Golden Age. Quality smokers’ paraphernalia, including exquisite ‘design pipes’, souvenirs and fine Delftware, pocket knives, souvenirs and lighters… You’ll want to take the whole store home with you! Full of the grandeur of days gone by, it is a must-see for any visitor to the Hague. Still located in the Arcade.

About this store

Shop Hamilton Tobacco & Gifts
What Tobacco and souvenirs with ‘a touch of class’.
From the past The nice, old-fashioned combination of tobacco and souvenirs.
From the present Fashionable new pipes and lighters (for example).

A visit to

Hamilton Tobacco & Gifts will whisk you back to a time when, instead of worthless knick-knacks, souvenir stores sold genuine Dutch Goods: the finest tobacco products, and souvenirs by Royal Delft (with certification). Oh, and of course one would always pick up a pocket knife for dad or the boy, and a newspaper to enjoy with a cup of coffee. It’s that kind of store – the real kind.

The collection

at Hamilton Tobacco & Gifts is devoid of any cheap-and-nasty plastic fads. The items on offer are genuinely beautiful, and a must-see for any tourist. The Arcade is worth seeing in and of itself, and Hamilton puts the icing on the cake of any visit to experience the bygone days of Dutch glory.

The gifts

and souvenirs at Hamilton are of the old-fashioned, Dutch kind: elegant Royal Delftware, pocket knives by Victorinox, lighters by St. Dupont, and pipes by Chacom. Even a non-smoker would be happy to have one of these lying on an antique desk, or on a salon table by the bay windows. That craving feeling is the Hamilton feeling. Come along!

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De Passage 62C

2511 AE Den Haag

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