Stylish, tasteful, elegant: come to think of it, all of the adjectives that you would use to describe a beautiful woman fit the jewellery at PANDORA, too. This exclusive shop’s collection is designed for the woman who wants to express herself in a refined way. The class and charm of the Passage and PANDORA reinforce one another, a joy for those who visit the boutique and the shopping arcade.

About this store

Shop Pandora
What High-grade, affordable jewellery for unique women.
From the past The story begins 30 years ago in Monaco…
From the present Over 10,000 Pandora retailers around the globe.

A visit

to PANDORA gives you a sense of bliss almost immediately. The designs and materials on display are stunning, jewellery that represents you or that simply appeals to you, even if you can´t exactly say why at first. This is what PANDORA strives to achieve: to offer you this palette so that you may express your individuality through a piece of jewellery.

The collection

is arranged by essences and seasons. Choose a gemstone from the essence collection that suits your personality, desire or mood to wear as a charm on a hand-crafted sterling silver and 14-carat pink gold bracelet studded with gleaming cubic zirconia. Enter the mystical fairy-tale world of magical flowers, colourful pearls, sparkling leaves and gold highlights in jewellery.


on a journey filled with marvellous discoveries and feel what suits you. The PANDORA collection is endless, just like your life stories. Which event in your life would you like to accentuate with a piece of jewellery, which emotion, which memory, or which aspect of your personality? Dare to enter the world of PANDORA…and treat yourself or someone special.

Pandora opening hours
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Passage 71

2511 AC Den Haag

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