Pearle Opticiens was voted Best Retail Chain in the Eye Care category in the Netherlands in 2013. This is a good introduction to explain Pearle’s mission. It’s as clear as glass – a fitting metaphor to be sure – basically, Pearle makes every effort to provide high-quality eye care at prices affordable to everyone. The eye care expert welcomes you in a brand-new shop under the dome of the beautiful Passage.

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What High-quality eye care.
From the past Stanley Pearle introduces eye care in the US in 1961.
From the present Pearle is worldwide, and opening its doors in the Passage

A visit

to Pearle is a good idea if you want to get things back in focus again. In optical terms, that is. After all, seeing clearly means greater enjoyment and healthier living. Do you squint a lot? Stop by for a free vision test. Pearle’s mission of “lifelong good vision” is not just a catchphrase. Pearle carries out its mission by placing emphasis on expertise, craftsmanship and service.

The services

at Pearle include testing your eyes and providing the appropriate solution. If you like the natural look, you can opt for contact lenses. But a snazzy pair of eyeglasses can be really fun to wear, too. Or a more understated style. You can play around with the many options and change things up; frames are like jewellery. Pearle also offers prescription sunglasses. If you wear contacts, be sure to visit for regular check-ups to keep your eyes in the best condition possible.

A wide range…

of guarantees is also something that Pearle offers. For example, if you aren’t happy with your new eyeglasses after deciding that you really wanted the other style after all, you can exchange them within two months of purchase. You always have a two-year guarantee on every purchase. Pearle’s winning offer is still going strong, too: a complete pair of eyeglasses is yours for €99. Check out the age discount, too. Enjoy free service for life! You’ll be humming the jingle: Pearle, Pearle, Pearle, Pearle…

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