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Suzanne, Marie-Louise, Sebastiaan? That’s right: at Starbucks they personalise your coffee break, calling you by name as soon as your Tall Skinny Soy Latte is ready. Of course, you already knew that. As if there is anyone who hasn’t heard about Starbucks by now. More importantly, what’s the Passage without Starbucks? Exactly.

About this store

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What Coffee house, laptops and catching up!
From the past In the States? Grab a Starbucks!
From the present Hurray, Starbucks is ‘ours’ now, too

A visit

to Starbucks – because it’s time for a caffeine fix, for afternoon tea after a round of shopping in the Passage. But the perfect coffee hangout is also good for a treat, simply because you deserve it. The ideal place to recharge in between home and work. Stop by for a Frappuccino during a hectic day, or a Caramel Macchiato and a Cinnamon Swirl Donut.

The products

that Starbucks serves are quite yummy. Starbucks is dedicated to finding the finest responsibly grown coffee beans, and you can taste it. The beans are roasted with the utmost care, and the entire Starbucks operation is geared toward improving the living conditions of the people who grow the beans. Involvement down to the last bean.

Gift ideas

are in abundance at Starbucks. How about a handsome mug with the Starbucks logo? And a cute tin of mints to stash in your desk or purse. Time to stop by Starbucks.

Starbucks Coffee opening hours
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Starbucks Coffee

Grote Marktstraat 44

2511 BJ Den Haag

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