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Nespresso - How to clean your device

The Nespresso Barista is an invitation to discover a wide world of recipe possibilities. Prepare anything from refreshing iced coffees to elaborate latte art at home. With its touch screen and connected app, navigating through the recipes becomes surprisingly easy. You’ll want to rival your favourite coffee shop and impress anybody who loves coffee as much as you do. The Barista is designed for those who simply want to choose their fancy. Café style.

8tea5 The Hague

8tea5 The Hague: New location crowd-funding campaign

Starbucks Coffee Stories, Chapter 1. Origin (Sumatra) ft. Tristan Eaton

Follow artist Tristan Eaton to Sumatra as he discovers the origin of one of Starbucks favorite coffees.

Nespresso - The Choices we make

Nespresso chose to build a community mill in Jardin, Colombia to enhance the quality of your coffee. It ended up improving a lot more.

Smoothie Company

Item bij de Smoothie Company voor een nieuw te maken programma voor SBS 6. Fit Op 6 is volledig gericht op sport en beweging.

The Craft and Science of Coffee - Extraction

A perfect coffee moment isn’t just about the beans, it’s about how they’re extracted.

Hop & Stork - Paasei

Bestel vanaf nu in onze winkels of vanaf volgende week online ons handgemaakte paasei met uw eigen surprise erin! Deze is verkrijgbaar in vier unieke designs en is te bestellen in onze webshop (vanaf volgende week) of nu al in de winkel. Voor meer info: