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De Vries Van Stockum is an independent bookstore with a shop in The Hague, a shop in Haarlem and a webshop.Hendrik de Vries opened his shop in Haarlem in 1905 and has since grown into the 4 surrounding buildings and has combined forces with the The Hague bookstore Van Stockum (1833). Today, great-granddaughter Jeltje de Vries is at the helm.

Both shops are more than a century old, but De Vries family’s smartwatches are up-to-date. That is a family characteristic. The reason we’ve managed this long is – we think – BECAUSE we aren’t afraid to try something new. We are ‘historically progressive,’ as it were – but always in service of what has been our mission for more than a century: sharing our love for stories, books and reading with the world.

In order to share our love for stories

with as many people as possible,

it is essential that everyone feels

welcome and comfortable in our bookstores

“When my great-grandfather started this company in 1905, he left the door open. This was in conscious defiance of what was customary in those days, and caused a scandal among booksellers nation wide. I think it was brilliant. And cool. And I am proud he did that. He almost literally lowered the threshold to walk into his bookshop.”– Jeltje de Vries (owner)

A bookstore used to function as portal to the rest of the world. Nowadays our job is to help our customers navigate their way among the millions of books that are – quite literally – available at the touch of your fingertips.


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Store De Vries Van Stockum
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De Vries Van Stockum is an iconic bookstore and a must-see when visiting The Hague. This historic bookshop is as old as the monumental Passage itself. The bookstore regularly hosts literary events, such as book signings and interviews with authors.

Though they offer a wide range of books, they specialize in politics, history, and Indonesia. Looking for a cool, English-language souvenir of The Netherlands or The Hague specifically? We got you covered! Also: you can find our all-English bookshop at Passage 24

just a few doors down from our main bookstore (on number 11).

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De Vries Van Stockum Boekhandel

Passage 11

2511 AB Den Haag

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