BlowUp Art

BlowUp Art The Hague.
From May 5 to 28, several inflatable artworks will be on display in The Hague. These are made by a selection of international artists, designers and architects.

It is never pitch black here. A century ago, electricity drove the darkness out of houses and streets forever.’A bit of a shame that the light bulb has been forgotten,’ says artist Theo Botschuijver. ‘Energy-saving bulbs and LED. More economical of course, would never have come about without this glowing icon’.

Botschuijver has been working in blow-up art since 1967. Music fans will recognize the giant blow-up pig from Pink Floyd’s 1977 Animals. Sean Connery in a giant silver ball walking on water in James Bond’s “Diamonds are Forever” is also his work.

Photo: Ronald Smit


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