Bookstore De Vries van Stockum

On October 1st, bookstore De Vries Van Stockum will officially open its doors in the monumental branch of The Passage – a location which better matches the identity of the store. Customers needn’t go far out of their way to visit the new location: Passage 11 is only at 300 meters distance from their old address (Spui 40).

“My heart beat a little faster when I first heard of this opportunity. I am a huge fan of modern, clean and sleek design. But this style really flourishes when it is blended with its aesthetical adversary: the historical, monumental and nostalgic. But this is not just a matter of taste, it reflects the identity of our bookstore. Both our stores were founded over a century ago, but both of our stores have always been innovative. We are ‘historically progressive’, as it were.

“Our shop in Haarlem has always been able to reflect that identity naturally, since it has always been in the same building – notwithstanding the fact that the store has expanded to the adjoining buildings. The building is monumental. The details are modern. An aesthetically pleasing combination. As such, it features in most “top 10 bookstores you need to visit when in The Netherlands” – lists.

“In The Passage,  a monumental building dating from about the same historical period as The Hague store itself (which was founded in 1833 under the name Van Stockum) our The Hague store now has the same potential. And, most importantly, it is more compatible with our identity. It’s a perfect fit!” – Jeltje de Vries, owner and managing director of De Vries Van Stockum.

Their new location will be furnished with a comfortable reading table. Customers are welcome to use this lounge to study or read the paper. Bagels and Beans, the café with which the De Vries Van Stockum formerly shared their store, will remain at Spui 40.

The program for the official opening party will be announced soon.


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